Co-Curricular Activities

The school caters for harmonious all round development and growth of the students’ personality. The students are encouraged to take part in debates , declamations , quiz competitions, dramatics , lectures etc. The school provides ample opportunities and scope for the growth of creative faculties by offering photography , music , art , painting , electronics and computers as hobbies. The school has a well equipped Brass Band which has participated in the Republic Day parade a number of times.

Quiz Quiz
Quiz in progress

Debate Debate
English Debate

NCC Training

NCC Training NCC Training
NCC is compulsory for all students in the school from class VII onwards. The school has the Junior and the Senior Division NCC Wings leading up to Certificate ‘B’ competence. Drill , Annual Training Camps  and Rifle firing are taught as a part of NCC training. The cadets also get a chance to participate in para-sailing , ,mountaineering , rock climbing , trekking and adventure camps.

Physical Training

Physical training Physical training
Health and physical education forms an integral part of the training schedule of the school. For imparting Physical Education effectively , the school has qualified Army PT Instructors. Gymnastics , Callisthenics and Yoga  are taught systematically and regularly. Special stress is laid on outdoor games , mass PT  and athletics.

Swimming Pool , Gymnasium and Obstacle Course


Obstacle Obstacle
A modern and well-equipped Swimming Pool and Gymnasium are available . Swimming is compulsory. Training on Obstacle Course is imparted to test and improve the cadets’ courage physical endurance and mental robustness.

Games and Sports

Games Games
The army personnel deputed by the Army Physical Training Corps conduct games and sports. Games are compulsory for all the cadets. Facilities are available for games and sports including Cricket , Basketball , Football , Hockey , Volleyball , Billiards , Lawn-Tennis , Squash , Athletics and Gymnastics.

Educational Tours , Hikes , Excursions

Edu Tour Hikes 
The school organises educational tours along with staff members to places of historical and educational interest. There is also ample opportunity for senior boys to go on hikes and out-door excursions during their stay at the school. Educational tours to NDA and IMA are also organised for the senior classes.

Parasailing/ Paragliding

The cadets are given the opportunity of experiencing the thrill of parasailing and paragliding.

Auditorium and Ante Room

The school has an auditorium-cum-cinema hall where films are screened. The cultural programmes  and functions are held in auditorium. The School has a cadets’ Ante Room with television and stereo-system.

School Library

Library Library

The school has a well-stocked Library  to provide an environment for the students and the staff to develop their reading skills and to brush up their knowledge.

Motivation & Inspiration

Motivation Motivation

The school has arranged the display of a Vijyanta Tank, MIG-23, an Anti-Aircraft Naval Gun & Anti Air Craft Missiles on the campus to inspire and motivate the cadets to join Armed Forces.


Sharing the same campus with the principal and staff members,  grows in a warm and loving environment of a home away from home. All students here are grouped according to their age. They are accommodated in host ‘HOUSES’ . Each house accommodates 50-60 cadets. In order to provide role models and a family atmosphere each house is led by a house master, a member of the teaching faculty. Actively supporting the house-masters are the tutors and the superintendents/matron.


A wholesome vegetarian & non-vegetarian diet is provided to  the cadets in a spacious mess. The house staff also dines with  the cadets to ensure proper observance of table-manners. Ceremonial dinners are also arranged to let the cadets have   a feel of a good social behaviour. On the advice of the school doctor extra diet is provided to the weak and convalescing cadets. To promote hygiene a modern automatic chapatti making machine and steam cooking system  have been installed.

School Infirmary

A well qualified doctor , assisted by a Nursing Assistant looks after the general health of the students. The school has a fifteen-bed hospital for the care of ailing students. Cases of serious ailments , are referred to Local Civil Hospital and intimation is sent to parents. Cases of minor ailments are , however , not reported to save parents from avoidable worry.

Bank, Post Office, CSD

A branch of State Bank Patiala and a Sub Post Office is located in the school. A well-stocked CSD(Canteen Stores Department) caters for the needs of the students’ toiletries and other essential items.

Other Facilities

The untiring efforts of the principal and dedicated staff have brought about a perceptible improvement in all spheres. The school has witnessed an all-round growth and carved out many new milestones in its multifarious ventures. A number of effective steps have been initiated to improve life and training of the cadets .Some of them are as follows à

  • Additional fans have been installed in dormitories in all houses.
  • A telephone set (with only incoming facility, each house having its separate phone number.) and a colour T.V satellite set top box connection have   been installed in each house. A colour T.V has also been installed in the library and cadets’  hospital.
  • Two LCD projectors have been purchased which are being used for screening documentary/features films for the benefit of cadets.
  • New computers have been added to the computer lab. A new computer lab is being set up with a view to impart computer training from class VI onwards.
  • An ultra modern English Lab is being set up for promoting scientific learning of English language.
  • A franking machine has been installed in the main office for smooth accounting and dispatch of school mail.
  • Gymnasium and School Hospital have been thoroughly renovated , with provision of latest equipment and additional facilities.
  • Additional water coolers have been installed at appropriate points.
  • New chapatti making machine has been installed in the school mess.


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