Future Plans

  1. Repair & renovation of school auditorium
  2. Procurement of software for Language lab
  3. Installation of CCTV cameras in the office area, palace building(Fall in area ) & cadet's mess
  4. Procurement of School Bus & Staff Car.
  5. Repair and renovation of hostels
  6. Upgradation of School Office
  7. Establishment of fire fighting system with new equipments
  8. Repair ,renovation and upgradation of Swimming Pool
  9. Modernisation of classrooms.
  10. Construction of Synthetic Basket Ball Court
  11. Raising heights of boundary wall and installation of security lights and security cameras at key points in the campus
  12. Renovation of toilets in office & auditorium
  13. Installation of Cubic Pannel in electic control room
  14. Retarring of roads inside the School Campus
  15. Dish Washes for Cadet's Mess
  16. New equipments for Cadt's Mess
  17. Repair & renovation of Staff Quaters
  18. F urniture for class rooms and auditorium
  19. Procurement of Steel Almirah & repir of exsisting
  20. Repair of Squash Court
  21. Construction of garage for school vehicle
  22. Procurements of new equipment and upgradation of exsisting in Gymnagium
  23. Construction of new toilets in D&E type quaters