Punjab Govt Scholarship (New Scheme)

Scholarship Type Income Slab Scholarship Amount
Full S/Ship Upto  Rs.3,00,000/- 100% Tution Fees
¾ S/Ship Rs.3,00,001/-    to     Rs 5,00,000/- 75% Tution Fees/-
½  S/Ship Rs.5,00,001/- to   Rs. 7,00,000/- 50% Tution Fees/-
¼  S/Ship Rs.7,00,001/- to   Rs. 10,00,000/- 25% Tution Fees/-
No Scholarship More than Rs.10,00,000/- Nil

Centre Assistance for State Govt Scholarship holder from MoD

Full Scholarship Holders only  3/4 Scholarship Holders only 1/2 Scholarship Holders only
Rs.2000/- Rs.1062/- Rs.125/-

Share of Burden

Share of burden is given by Ministry of Defence to all the cadets.

Ministry of Defence Scholarship

Scholarship Type Rank Scholarship Amount
Full S/Ship For ORs Rs. 32,000/-
Half S/Ship For JCOs Rs. 16,000/-
Note:- For Ministry of Defence Scholarship the following documents has to be deposited before 25 May every year.
(a) Service certificate - For Servicemen
(b) Discharge book Photocopy - For Ex-Servicemen

Bihar Govt Scholarship

Scholarship Type Income Slab Scholarship Amount Clothing
Full S/Ship Upto  Rs.96,000/- Rs. 8,500/- 800/- (Ist year) & 400/- subsequent years
¾ S/Ship Rs.96,001/- to Rs 1,20,000/- Rs.6,500/- 800/- (Ist year) & 400/- subsequent years
½  S/Ship Rs.1,20,001/- to   Rs. 1,44,000/- Rs. 5,500/- -Nil-
¼  S/Ship Rs.1,44,001/- to   Rs. 1,80,000/-     -Nil- -Nil-




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